New version 0.3.1 released!

Hello folks, a fatal bug was discovered by some of serfj’s users, when using:

// Gets ID from URL /banks/1 
String id = this.getId(“bank”); 

return identifier is null.

So I have published a new version 0.3.1 that solves this problem. Another changes in this version are:

Now the above problem is solved, but also a little change in the API has been added. Now you can retrieve the main Id without using a resource name:

// URL /banks/1
String id = this.getId(“bank”);
// Or...
String theSameBankId = this.getId();

// URL /banks/1/accounts/2
String id = this.getId(“account”);
// Or...
String theSameAccountId = this.getId();
// Getting bank's id String bankId = this.getId(“bank”);

Published by

Eduardo Yáñez Parareda

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